History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

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  • A History of the Publication
  • Modern Perspectives on the Decline (Illustrated)

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The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is a non-fiction history book written by English historian Edward Gibbon and published in six volumes. Volume I was published in 1776, and went through six printings. Volumes II and III were published in 1781; volumes IV, V, VI in 1788–89. The original volumes were published in quarto sections, a common publishing practice of the time. The work covers the history of the Roman Empire, Europe, and the Catholic Church from 98 to 1590 and discusses the decline of the Roman Empire in the East and West. Because of its relative objectivity and heavy use of primary sources, at the time, its methodology became a model for later historians. This led to Gibbon being called the first "modern historian of ancient Rome."

Volume 1:

1-The Extent Of The Empire In The Age Of The Antonines
2-The Internal Prosperity In The Age Of The Antonines
3-The Constitution In The Age Of The Antonines
4-The Cruelty, Follies And Murder Of Commodus
5-Sale Of The Empire To Didius Julianus
6-Death Of Severus, Tyranny Of Caracalla, Usurpation Of Marcinus
7-Tyranny Of Maximin, Rebellion, Civil Wars, Death Of Maximin
8-State Of Persion And Restoration Of The Monarchy
9-State Of Germany Until The Barbarians
10-Emperors Decius, Gallus, Aemilianus, Valerian And Gallienus
11-Reign Of Claudius, Defeat Of The Goths
12-Reigns Of Tacitus, Probus, Carus And His Sons
13-Reign Of Diocletian And This Three Associates
14-Six Emperors At The Same Time, Reunion Of The Empire
15-Progress Of The Christian Religion

Volume 2:

16-Conduct Towards The Christians, From Nero To Constantine
17-Foundation Of Constantinople etc.
18-Character Of Constantine And His Sons
19-Constantius Sole Emperor
20-Conversion Of Constantine
21-Persecution Of Heresy, State Of The Church
22-Julian Declared Emperor
23-Reign Of Julian
24-The Retreat And Death Of Julian
25-Reigns Of Jovian And Valentinian, Division Of The Empire
26-Progress of The Huns

Volume 3:

27-Civil Wars, Reign Of Theodosius
28-Destruction Of Paganism
29-Division Of Roman Empire Between Sons Of Theodosius
30-Revolt Of The Goths
31-Invasion Of Italy, Occupation Of Territories By Barbarians
32-Emperors Arcadius, Eutropius, Theodosius II
33-Conquest Of Africa By The Vandals
35-Invasion By Attila
36-Total Extinction Of The Western Empire
37-Conversion Of The Barbarians To Christianity
38-Reign Of Clovis

Volume 4:

39-Gothic Kingdom Of Italy
40-Reign Of Justinian
41-Conquests Of Justinian, Charact Of Balisarius
42-State Of The Barbaric World
43-Last Victory And Death Of Belisarius, Death Of Justinian
44-Idea Of The Roman Jurisprudence
45-State Of Italy Under The Lombards
46-Troubles In Persia
47-Ecclesiastical Discord
48-Succession And Characters Of The Greek Emperors

Volume 5:

49-Conquest Of Italy By The Franks
50-Description Of Arabia And Its Inhabitants
51-Conquests By The Arabs
52-More Conquests By The Arabs
53-Fate Of The Eastern Empire
54-Origin And Doctrine Of The Paulicians
55-The Bulgarians, The Hungarians And The Russians
56-The Saracens, The Franks And The Normans
57-The Turks
58-The First Crusade

Volume 6:

59-The Crusades
60-The Fourth Crusade
61-Partition Of The Empire By The French And Venetians
62-Greek Emperors Of Nice And Constantinople
63-Civil Wars And The Ruin Of The Greek Empire
64-Moguls, Ottoman Turkds
65-Elevation Of Timour Or Tamerlane, And His Death
66-Union Of The Greek And Latin Churches
67-Schism Of The Greeks And Latins
68-Reign Of Mahomet The Second, Extinction Of Eastern Empire
69-State Of Rome From The Twelfth Century
70-Final Settlement Of The Ecclesiastical State
71-Prospect Of The Ruins Of Rome In The Fifteenth Century


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