The First World War

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Now you can study The First World War from first-hand perspective. This essential eBook includes 48 primary source accounts from 1914 to 1916. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

The content in this eBook is included in our colossal "First-hand History of America" collection with over 1,200 primary source accounts.

*Includes 48 Accounts:

  • Autograph Letter of Franz Joseph to the Kaiser – Franz Joseph
  • The Willy-Nicky Telegrams – Exchanged Between the Kaiser and the Czar and Others
  • German Dispatches and the Kaiser's Notes – William II
  • The Grand Fleet Goes to Sea – Winston Churchill
  • The Kaiser's Version – William II of Germany
  • German Admission of Responsibility – Prince Lichnowsky
  • Delivery of the German Ultimatum to Belgium – Alfred de Bassompierre
  • The German Ultimatum and the Belgian Reply – The German and Belgian Governments
  • The Cruise and Destruction of the "Emden" – Hellmuth von Mucke
  • The "Scrap of Paper" – Sir Edward Goschen
  • A German Defense of Belgium – William Muehlon
  • Clemenceau Calls France to Arms – Georges Benjamin Eugene Clemenceau
  • England on the Brink of War – Sir Edward Grey
  • King Albert Goes to Parliament – Brand Whitlock
  • King Albert's Speech to Parliament – King Albert
  • The Fall of Liege – General Leman
  • Japan Joins the Allies – The Japanese Government
  • The Germans Enter Brussels – Richard Harding Davis
  • Mons—The First British Battle – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The Burning of Louvain – Richard Harding Davis
  • Sea Fighting Off Heligoland – Sir David Beatty
  • From the Frontiers to the Marne – Joseph Joffre
  • The Abandonment of Paris – Official Proclamations
  • How the "Taxicab Army" Saved Paris – General Clergerie
  • Where Von Kluck Failed – Louis Madelin
  • General Joffre's Proclamation to Maunoury's Army – General Clergerie
  • The Marne – Louis Madelin
  • Trench Warfare Begins on the Aisne – Edward D. Swinton
  • The First Submarine Blow is Struck – Otto Weddigen
  • Antwerp Capitulates – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The First Battle of Ypres – John Buchan
  • The Sea Fight Off Coronel, Chile – Graf von Spee
  • The Battle of the Falklands – F. C. Sturdee
  • Roosevelt Anxiously Warns England – Theodore Roosevelt
  • The Battle of Dogger Bank – Described by two British Man-of-War's Men and a German Survivor
  • "Strict Accountability" – Woodrow Wilson
  • The Capture of Przemysl – Bernard Pares
  • The Battle of Neuve Chapelle – Count Charles de Souza
  • The "Lusitania" Sinking – Accounts by an American Survivor and the German U-Boat Commander
  • Russians Hurled Back on the Dunajec – Bernard Pares
  • Italy Joins the Allies – Antonio Salandra
  • President Wilson Protests to Germany – Woodrow Wilson
  • Britain Fails at Gallipoli – Lord Kitchener
  • The Execution of Edith Cavell – Rev. H. Stirling Gahan
  • War with Mexico is Threatened – Robert Lansing
  • "They Shall Not Pass" at Verdun – Lord Northcliffe
  • American Intervention Proposed in 1916 – Sir Edward Grey
  • The Battle of Jutland – Sir David Beatty

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