Mexican War & Slavery

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Now you can study The Mexican War and Slavery from first-hand perspective. This essential eBook includes 57 primary source accounts from 1846 to 1860. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

The content in this eBook is included in our colossal "First-hand History of America" collection with over 1,200 primary source accounts.

*Includes 57 Accounts:

  • War Clouds Over Oregon – Thomas H. Benton
  • The Acquisition of California, Fremont's Successful Invasion – Thomas H. Benton
  • The American Alcalde at Monterey – Walter Colton
  • Reasons for the War with Mexico – James K. Polk
  • The Northwest Fur Trade – Captain William Sturgis
  • Wilmot Defends His Proviso – David Wilmot
  • A Contemporary Senatorial Opponent of the War – Thomas Corwin
  • The Capture of Chapultepec and Mexico City – General Winfield Scott
  • Grant in Mexico – Ulysses Simpson Grant
  • Why the Whole of Mexico was not Annexed – James K. Polk
  • Peter Wilson on the Empire State – Peter Wilson
  • The Discovery of Gold in California – Walter Colton
  • Treaty with Mexico, 1848 – The U.S. and Mexican Governments
  • The Discovery of Gold in California – John S. Hittell
  • The Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention – Official report printed by John Dick
  • The Clay Compromise – Henry Clay
  • The Clay Compromise – Carl Schurz
  • Webster's Seventh of March Speech – James G. Blaine
  • Jenny Lind's Arrival and First Concert in New York – New York Tribune
  • Threat of Civil War – Daniel Webster
  • The Underground Railroad – Levi Coffin
  • Fugitive Slave Act – U.S. Congress
  • The Clay Compromise – Daniel Webster
  • The South and the Public Domain – Alexander H. Stephens
  • The Clay Compromise Measures – Calhoun
  • Bryants' Welcome to Kossuth – Bryant
  • Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?" Speech – Frances Gage
  • The Opening of the Crystal Palace in New York – New York Times
  • Eulogy of Webster – Rufus Choate
  • Vicissitudes of A Forty-Niner – Alonzo Delano
  • The First Treaty with Japan – M. C. Perry
  • Defense of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill – Stephen A. Douglas
  • Civil War in Kansas – George Cary Eggleston
  • The Rise of the Republican Party – George Washington Julian
  • Commodore Perry Negotiates a Treaty with Japan – Reports and Correspondence Published by Order of Congress
  • Civil War in Kansas – Thomas H. Gladstone
  • The Crime Against Kansas – Sumner
  • Preston Brooks in Defense of His Attack on Sumner – Preston S. Brooks
  • Dred Scott Decision, 1857 – Roger Brooke Taney
  • The First Railroad to the Mississippi – William Prescott Smith
  • The First Atlantic Cable Laid, But is a Failure – Henry M. Field
  • Sewards' "Irrepressible Conflict Speech", 1858 – Seward
  • Lincoln on the First Debate with Douglas, 1858 – Abraham Lincoln
  • Stephen Douglas in the First Debate with Lincoln, 1858 – Stephen Douglas
  • The Death and Burial of Washington Irving – Edmund Clarence Stedman
  • John Brown at Harper's Ferry – Horace Greeley
  • The Capture of John Brown – Robert E. Lee
  • Brown's Trial and Execution – Horace Greeley
  • John Brown's Last Speech and Letters – John Brown
  • John Brown's Speech to the Court at His Trial – John Brown
  • The Death of John Brown – Garrison
  • The Arrival of the Great Eastern in New York Harbor – New York Herald
  • The Visit of the Prince of Wales King Edward VII – New York Herald
  • Lincoln's "A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand" Speech, 1860 – Abraham Lincoln
  • How Lincoln Was Nominated – Murat Halstead
  • Threats of Secession – R. B. Rhett
  • Lincoln Making His Cabinet – Thurlow Weed
  • Yancy's Speech of Protest in the Charleston Convention – Yancy

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