The Federalist Period

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Now you can study The Federalist Period from first-hand perspective. This essential eBook includes 32 primary source accounts from 1785 to 1801. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

The content in this eBook is included in our colossal "First-hand History of America" collection with over 1,200 primary source accounts.

*Includes 32 Accounts:

  • England and the United States at Loggerheads – John Frederick Sackville
  • Our First Minister to England – John Adams
  • Weathering a Crisis – George Washington
  • Evils that Prompted Shays' Rebellion – General Benjamin Lincoln
  • Why the Confederation Failed to Work – James Madison
  • Framing The Constitution – James Madison
  • Benjamin Franklin on the Federal Constitution – Benjamin Franklin
  • The Northwest Ordinance – U.S. Congress Under the Articles of Confederation
  • Shall Liberty or Empire Be Sought? – Patrick Henry
  • For the Relief of Slaves – William Pinkney
  • Alexander Hamilton on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution – Alexander Hamilton
  • John Marshall on the Federal Constitution – John Marshall
  • How John Hancock Supported the Constitution – Stephen Higginson
  • Washington Becomes Our First President – William Maclay
  • How Settlements Were Planted – William Cooper
  • Why the West Would Not Secede – General Rufus Putnam
  • The Discovery of the Columbia River – Edward G. Porter
  • Hamilton's Estimate of Jefferson – Alexander Hamilton
  • Webster's Impression of Jefferson – Daniel Webster
  • The Invention of the Cotton Gin – Horace Greeley
  • Anthony Wayne Routs the Ohio Indians – Richard Hildreth
  • Treaty with the Six Nations – The U.S. Government and the Iroquois
  • Washington's Farewell Address – George Washington
  • Fisher Ames on the Treaty with Great Britain – Fisher Ames
  • The X Y Z Correspondence – Commissioners Pinckney, Marshall and Gerry
  • Washington as a Host at Mount Vernon – John Bernard
  • The Death of Washington – John Marshall
  • Funeral Oration on Washington – Major General Henry Lee
  • Jefferson's Estimate of Washington – Thomas Jefferson
  • Washington City in its Infancy – Abigail Adams
  • How Jefferson Was Elected – Senator Charles Pinckney
  • Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address – Thomas Jefferson

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