Discovery: First-hand American History

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Now you can study the Discovery and Exploration of America from first-hand perspective. This essential app includes 39 primary source accounts from pre 1000 AD to 1562. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

The content in this app is included in our colossal "First-hand History of America" app with nearly 700 primary source accounts.

*This App includes 39 First-hand Accounts:

  • Pre-Columbian Voyages
  • The Men from Asia and from Norway
  • Other Pre-Columbian Voyages
  • The Voyages of the Norsemen
  • The Voyages to Vinland
  • The Travels of Marco Polo
  • Marco Polo's Account of Japan and Java
  • Prologue to the Book of Ser Marco Polo
  • Early Life of Columbus
  • Letters From Toscanelli Approving Columbus' Project
  • The Journal of Columbus
  • Columbus in Spain
  • The Discovery by Columbus (Columbus)
  • The Discovery by Columbus (Irving)
  • The Discovery of America
  • The Letter of Columbus to Luis De Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery
  • Reception of Columbus in Spain
  • Papal Bull Dividing the New World
  • The Discovery of the Mainland by the Cabots
  • Peter Martyr's Account
  • The Voyages of the Cabots
  • John Cabot's Discovery of North America
  • Amerigo Vespucci's Account of His First Voyage
  • Fourth and Last Voyage of Columbus
  • The Death of Columbus
  • The Naming of America
  • Balboa Discovers the Pacific
  • The Discovery of Florida by Ponce de Leon
  • Ponce de Leon in Florida
  • The Origin of Negro Slavery in America
  • The Voyage of Magellan to the Pacific
  • Verrazzano's Voyage
  • Cartier's Exploration of the St. Lawrence
  • Cartier Discovers the St. Lawrence
  • De Vaca's Journey to New Mexico
  • Searches for The Seven Cities of Cibola
  • Coronado's Wanderings
  • De Soto's Discovery of the Mississippi
  • Death of De Soto

Main Features:

  • Create multiple tabs (study and compare several verses/passages simultaneously)
  • Auto-scrolling (variable speed, portrait/landscape)
  • Adjustable font size
  • Double-tap to toggle full screen
  • Night mode - black background with white text
  • Highlighting (individual words, phrases, paragraphs; includes 12 colors, bold, underline, and italics)
  • Bookmarks
  • Personal Notes
  • Word Select Rolodex (quick navigation tool for finding/selecting a word)
  • Full Search
  • Return to where you left off reading when you open the program


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